Digi-Nav Wireless CCTV System (2 Cameras)

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Digi-Nav Wireless CCTV System (2 Cameras)

This new vehicle based Digital Wireless (DW) camera/reversing camera & Sat-Nav system, features the very latest technology. The system being DW, enables it to be used at the same time as Bluetooth devices etc, interference free.

The combined Sat-Nav & camera system is specifically designed for motor-homes, horseboxes or commercial vehicles/HGV, as it incorporates a fully-loaded Sat-Nav system, with Sygic 'Fleet 10' software. The commercial standard software enables vehicle/trailer size and weight details to be entered, so that low/weak bridges, or narrow roads are avoided. Additionally, the unit includes an in-built rechargeable battery, it can be moved between vehicles and used without the (supplied) digital wireless camera(s). The system can be used with up to 4 digital wireless cameras (only 1 supplied with this kit).

The system can display either the map, the camera view (reversing/rear-view/interior), a PIP (picture in picture) view, which is combined with the map view.

The high quality unit is very easy to operate, with intuitive menus and the simple multi-socket adapter enables a single cable to carry power & data, ensuring a very neat installation.

The Digi-Nav™ system includes the following components:

1. 7" Sat-Nav unit (12V/24V), with built in rechargeable battery, full European mapping and 'Fleet 10' software.

2. Hard-wire power adapter and all connectors (single plug).

3. Cigarette lighter power adapter/charger (12V/24V), for use in an additional vehicle etc.

4. Digital Wireless Receiver (12V/24V).

5. 2 x Digital Wireless wide angle lens, night vision, cameras (12/24V).

6. Windscreen mount.

7. Dashboard mount adapter.

The Sat-Nav, includes the following features:

1. PIP (picture in picture) functionality.

2. EU Mapping.

3. Lane Assist.

4. Speed limits, speed cameras & warnings displayed on the map.

5. POI (point of interest) database, including approximately 8500 campsites.

6. 2D or 3D map display.

7. Built in rechargeable battery.

8. Voice guidance (can be muted).

9. 7" touch-screen, TFT, 16:9 widescreen.

10. Navigate to post code, street name, GPS coordinates, favourite, or previously visited location ('history').

11. Vehicle safety/navigation software (commercial standard).