Digi-Star Wireless CCTV System (1 Camera)

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Digi-Star Wireless CCTV System (1 Camera)

This brand new, vehicle based Digital Wireless (DW) system, features the very latest technology. Additionally, this new version of Digi-Starô offers much improved functionality, including:

- Picture in Picture (PIP), view the camera(s) at the same time as the Sat-Nav & you can select 2 different sizes for the PIP 'window'

- New digital LCD panel, giving improved picture quality in all modes of operation

- 3 simultaneous modes of operation: listen to the radio, view the Sat-Nav & view the camera(s) via PIP. Additionally, it's also possible to listen to an ipod/iphone (via the new front connection socket), view the Sat-Nav & camera(s) via PIP

- steering wheel control connections, for those vehicles fitted with steering wheel 'radio controls' (may not be compatible with all vehicle types)

- Wi-Fi enabling web browsing via a 'hot-spot' or 3G via a preloaded web browser (just add your own Wi-Fi or 3G dongle)

As before, the system includes everything you will need to operate a wireless camera system in a horsebox (24V), motorhome, or car/trailer (12V). The system being DW, means that it can be used at the same time as bluetooth devices, or wireless networks, interference free. The standard 'DIN' sized unit is designed to replace the vehicle stereo & can be used with up to 4 cameras, including a reversing camera. The motorised 7" monitor can also show the images from multi-cameras in quad view, or camera images can be manually selected. The unit also includes: RDS Stereo, Touch Screen Sat-Nav with full EU map, CD/DVD player, MP3/ipod connections & Bluetooth Handsfree (Bluetooth Version 2). A 24V-12V adapter (dropper) is available to enable the unit to be powered from 24V.

The system includes the following components:

1. Stereo/RDS Radio/DIN unit & DW receiver.

2. Integrated touch Screen Sat-Nav with EU maps (Nav N Go iGO 8).

3. CD & DVD player.

4. Handsfree Mobile Phone compatible (Bluetooth Version 2).

5. Digital Wireless Wide Angle Lens Waterproof Camera (with Night Vision).

6. Camera mount & power cable (12/24V).